Words vs. Actions

Time and time again, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” has been brought up and used in many situations. Just the other day, for example, my cousin was apologizing to her brother for breaking his miniature trumpet figurine. However, she refused to help put it back together, saying “I thought saying sorry was enough!” My aunt went on to tell her that her actions would show more sympathy than her words, which essentially means actions are more telling than words.

Have we ever stopped to really think about and evaluate this statement? Do actions honestly speak louder than words themselves? Well, to figure this out, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. To do so, a few example scenarios could bring some clarity to the common phrase. The examples I’ll be looking into are Holden’s actions, from The Catcher in the Rye, versus his words; Gatsby’s actions versus his words, from The Great Gatsby; and lastly, Hester’s actions versus her words, from The Scarlet Letter.

Photo @2011 by Vs Heidelberg Photos [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2011 by Vs Heidelberg Photos [CC BY 2.0]

To begin with, there were multiple occasions within Holden’s story where his words are nearly hollow, due to the lack of tangible action backing them up. For example, while at Pencey Prep school, he fails four out of his fives classes, essentially barring him from returning for the next semester. Even though he is failing, he still continues to act as if the school and the world around him is nothing but a show put on by the “phonies.” I guess you could say in this situation, Holden was a small dog with a lot of bark but no bite. This happens many times throughout the story, often leading him into situations where he appears nosy and unsophisticated, such as when he persists in asking Luce who he is having an affair with. Well, so far, we’ve found out that people without actions backing their words tend to lack a strong, respectable character.

Moving on, however, in the story of Gatsby and his tragic affair, Gatsby is a mix of both actions and words. He constantly throws lavish parties in hopes that Daisy might take notice and approve of such a wealthy and prosperous man. When Daisy and Gatsby finally do meet, however, Gatsby seems to lack the right words for the situation. Instead, he continually asks Nick Carraway for assistance and tries to use actions to make the situation better. In this scenario, we have a man who can definitely get things done and act, but his actions lack the necessary words to accomplish what he wants. On the other hand, in The Scarlet Letter, the main character Hester constantly has to express herself via both actions and words continuously. Throughout the story, she is fighting a battle against discrimination and for the purity and well-being of her daughter. Not only does she have a strong will to do the demanding things she does, she has an, in my opinion, eloquent way of speaking as well, which aids her self-expression.

Throughout this school year, I’ve learned a lot about expression through words and expression through actions. Although we didn’t specifically talk about these two methods of self-expression on an individual basis, our class discussions contributed to us learning expression via words. The simple act of raising my hand and adding information to a group discussion has been great practice for thinking of the right words at the right time to get my points across. Additionally, the publishing credit opportunities have provided ways for us to express ourselves and our interests via our actions of exploring and discussing outside-the-classroom topics individually.

To put it all together, I think it is safe to say that actions do tend to speak louder than words, especially when it comes down to strong emotions between people. Simply speaking cannot and will not suffice in many emotional situations such as anger, sadness, and joy. However, actions that do not have words are often ambiguous and leave much to be answered. Basically, words are the brain of self-expression, while actions are the muscles of self-expression. Both contribute to one’s expression, although actions by themselves tend to draw more attention than words alone.

– Bryan Clements

Words..the strongest expression

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

In a world where we live on trust and hope. Many of us don’t realize it, but the things we say can affect our actions. Sure one may be able to argue that the action matters more than the word, but think of it this way. The words are the instigators in what may lead toward your actions. This is almost like catcher in the rye. Continue reading

Arch one goes!

“What the poop, man, I’m on edge right now and you loser pull this poop on me. We’re on the same side.” barked Jacobs.

“We have to take our precautions, we weren’t sure if you’ve been compromised.”

“I’m about to be if you guys don’t take this poop off my hands and get me off Terra as soon as possible. Tell that bastard Costigan that if he wants to stay in office, hes gotta get me off this poop hole planet.” demanded Jacobs as he hands Drem the 3 inch data drive.

“Who is it this time that wants you dead?” demanded Drem.

“You buttheads don’t get it still do you? All of it is right there in the-” as Jacob’s last breath is cursing at Sota and Drem, a sound of impact strikes at Jacobs temple. The red mist ejaculates out Jacob’s eye. He had been shot through his eye straight from the back. As the first shot makes contact, the second shot has already been fired and strikes Sota in the lower abdomen. A loud cry of pain is heard from Jacobs as he screams while a waterfall from his empty socket continues to pour out a crimson tide. The third shot is about to be fired but before it is able to strike its target true, both Sota and Drem leap for the Ramen Bar. Sota jumps over the counter top bar as civilians run in terror along with the chef that was behind the bar.

From the street, a four wheeled car is stopped right in the middle, parallel to the Ramen Bar and the alley next to it. The car windows are down with orange muzzle flashes constantly lighting up. The small forces of death escaping the vehicle hit the Ramen Bar repeatedly. The muzzle then turns to Jacobs who struggles to crawl into safety.


Another pair of metal and kinetic energy strike into Jacob’s sides. Another scream is heard. Sota tries to look over the bar top but is stopped by the swarm of metal bees that continue to strike at the Ramen Bar’s wooden top.

“Litsen! I… I cannut die hurrh. I don’t-” said Jacobs as he attempts to tell Sota who is only a mere 8 feet away. He is interrupted by the blood that continues to escape up his throat.

“Shut up loser and stop moving, before they think you’re still alive!” screamed Drem who has been trying to get a shot back at the vehicle. “This is India two to the Nest!” said Drem to his collar mic.

“This is the Nest, go ahead India Two.” replied a calm collected monotone voice.

“India Two is pinned down on Mitsurugi and seventh in the oriental district. Requesting support!” demanded Drem as he attempts to get another view on the vehicle only to be denied sight.

Chamber of Reflection

I’ve officially gone meta – a blog about blogging. Instead of analyzing films, music, and video games or aspects of life through blogging, I am using blogging to analyze blogging. Blogging has always been something of an interesting concept for me. I’ve never blogged before this year, yet I am regretful for not starting earlier, as it has opened my eyes to a whole new medium of expression.


The most important and fascinating part of blogging is my inherent ability to talk about whatever I please. That’s it. There are no set limitations, no prompts or word limit, no central idea which I have to adhere to. Unless stated otherwise for an assignment, blogging is purely up to my choice. And with that free choice, I use and have used blogging as a chamber, a chamber of reflection. It is private enough for me to articulate my most personal thoughts yet open enough to allow discussion and the opinion of others. Blogging is a vehicle for stories to tell, thoughts to be laid out, emotions to be compiled.

Many use blogging in place of a diary, but I view blogging akin to making films. Each blog is deliberate and intricate, requiring thought. Many may not end up being to your expectation, but every once in a while you are driven by passion to create one you love, and the end result is one to be proud of. And like making films, blogging never fails to return and reciprocate what you put into it.

– Edward

Summer Plans and Books

Well, it’s been an interesting year so far, and with that said, I’m definitely ready for summer. For once, I have a plan this summer too. I’ve recently picked up a book series, a series I won’t name as to not infringe copyright laws of course, but I can assure you it is an interesting one. Although it’s gonna be quite the challenge, I plan on reading the entire 5,000 page series this summer. Is this a good decision? Probably not.

Photo @2015 by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2015 by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon [CC BY 2.0]

The main question I’m trying to get across is whether or not it’s more enjoyable to read a series all at once or savor it by reading over a longer period of time. In my opinion, it changes based on the book one is reading. If it is an action-packed book, I would probably read it quickly as to not lose momentum and to more easily keep up with the story. Not only does doing this keep the action in your head, it also creates a sense of personal involvement. However, longer and more sentimental books should be given more time. Books like the one we’re currently reading, Catcher in the Rye, need more time for understanding and receiving the meaning behind each word. Rather than the book just having a usual plot, it has one but it isn’t really the focus of the book. Instead, it is the underlying notions and themes that make Catcher in the Rye such a classic and famous novel. The series I’m planning on reading this summer is somewhat of a mix between the two, so I’ve decided I would read it fast so I can catch up to my friend who initially recommended it to me. Not only will this allow me to be able to talk about it with him, but I would also be able to read online discussions about the series without fear of having something spoiled for me. That’s another strange concept: spoilers. Although we want to know what happens in books, we want the answers to come at the pace the author set for us; otherwise, the book is essentially ruined for the reader. Books are strange things, but I like it that way.

– Bryan Clements

I love Studying

Every high school student I know would look at me like I’m a freak if I told them that I love to study. Why is everybody appalled to this statement? If we all learned to love studying and love gaining knowledge everybody would do increasingly well in school or in any studies. It’s that simple. I can attribute all of my recent success in school to my love for studying. It’s been so much easier to get better grades and it’s made my life in school so much fun. I’ve in met many new friends! I love studying because it’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and fun.

Photo @2006 by Steven S. [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2006 by Steven S. [CC BY 2.0]

We’ve all heard about the people in the world that love snuggling up with books and a blanket and then they read the night away. Well, that’s exactly who I am. Except not with a novel or a biography, instead I snuggle up with a textbook and notes. There’s no place like home, in Physics I use Ohms. The knowledge I’m gaining matched with the astounding scent in the room from the candles and the prepossessing lighting from the candles is my perfect setting to be in. Studying is just so relaxing. I can kick back, unknot my pains, orient myself in any way I want to in order for me to be relaxed and be gaining knowledge with my textbook and notes. I can’t even remember the last time I went outside because I’ve been locked in my room with the irradiated candles and the splendid scent filled air. Not to mention my brand new friends that have helped me gain a better social life!

I can relieve all of my stress through countless hours of memorization, tough mathematical equations, and mind-straining historical events. I believe the best way to relieve stress is through studying. After long days at school learning material at a fast pace with little to no stops for help, coming home to a nice shiny textbook to learn it some more extraordinarily reduces my tremendous amounts of stress. So grab a textbook of any kind, and you’ll be rewarded with a stress-free mind!

Studying is fun. How can anyone not agree with me when I say, “Stoichiometry of gases is the most fun I’ve ever had while living on planet Earth!” One textbook does not a happy student make (I studied that Scheme in English). One day, I was areading my new friend when suddenly the pictures on the page played perfect passages of Pomp and Circumstance. Almost as if he was congratulating my clear-cut success from my continuous acts of concentration while still having fun.

Studying is my favorite.


Privacy vs. Security? The Balance of Given Rights

In the current state of the world, one will be able to find news about a particular topic of interest anywhere, and at this point in time, there are so many that one finds it hard to single out an individual story. Many events can happen over the course of a day, and most of those occurrences will probably never make it to the news. However, sometime during the spring of the year 2013, a man named Edward Snowden made the front page of every American newspaper that currently exists. Snowden leaked highly debatable information on the National Security Agency, (NSA), using devices to spy on the American people, with the intention of security. In my personal opinion, given the current situation of our government, the NSA should not be able to spy on the common people, unless it is solely under good intentions, such as terrorism.

The NSA should not be able to spy on the people of the United States for a number of reasons. First and foremost, such an act invades a person’s personal space and destroys their state of mind. In doing so, a possible outcome will be that they can no longer trust their internet-connected devices, thus further destroying their mental well-being. Furthermore, along with the current state of the world as a whole, it presents the chance of the government being able to control the citizen’s every move. If this were to happen, the once free country of the United States would no longer be the freedom it stands for. Lastly, it would be a huge violation of constitutional rights, since the right to privacy exists and is implied in the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

However, others might think differently from my own opinion. For example, others may state that the NSA definitely has a right to look into the activities of citizens, and in doing so, they would be able to prevent terrorism. In addition, they may also say that the government will be able to regulate widespread piracy, and prevent further illegal actions.

Photo @ 2014 Mike Mozart (CC by 2.0)

Photo @ 2014 Mike Mozart (CC by 2.0)

I, personally, somewhat disagree with the statement of the others, while also understanding the point they put forth. Although they bring up good points, I disagree with those statements for many reasons. First, I believe the NSA should not spy because it disrupts the constitutional rights of the citizens. Although it may regulate piracy, piracy is in itself still controversial. Last and most importantly, it will present the possibility of the American government inching closer to a tyrannical power, thus destroying the freedom it was built upon.

Evidently and most clearly, the privacy of the United States and its people is what matters the most. The NSA does not have a right to spy on its own citizens, and if it had to, it must be under extreme regulations. As a population, our spoken will is what matters the most, and we must tell the government that they do not have the right to spy on us. It is a violation of the constitution in doing so, and such an act will destroy the freedom and prosperity that we as a people have worked so hard to achieve. And in the words of one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin states, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

– Bryan

Arc 1: into the realm of another

After hearing a good friend of mine give some positive feedback on this fanfiction, I decided to go ahead and keep posting in hopes of being able to give you guys something to read! 🙂 If you don’t know what’s going on, please refer to the older post to get caught up.

Photo @2011 by Sweetie187 [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Photo @2011 by Sweetie187 [CC BY-SA 2.0]

“Something just doesn’t add up right now, Sota. But lets just go to the place and set up shop. I’m sure it can’t be worse than Ronnar.” Said Drem as he starts to walk out with Sota. Sota follows Drem out the room as nostalgia strikes the two about the events 3 years ago on the planet Ronnar. The words “Reapers of Ronnar” echo into Sota’s mind.


The eyrie dark of night has befell Prime. A young man with tan skin stumbles down a dimly lit street while turning his head left and right with paranoia. His clothes match that of a delinquent whose ready to attend an electronica concert. The jacket and pants give off the gritty dark brown and dark green toned color. His paranoia is starting to attack his mind with full force as every little nook and cranny of this street is filled with trash, homeless civilians, thugs and small shops.

“Gotta get to that ramen bar…” said Jacob as he holds on to a small 3 inch rectangular device in his pocket. “I hope those nitwits actually show up and figured out that I couldn’t talk due to the tracking ability of the 9 Breakerss after me.” Jacobs murmurs to himself consistently. Jacobs turns the corner of an intersection to see the sign of the ramen bar he has to meet Sota and Drem at. His heart fills with excitement that he might not die tonight, not here, not at the “lows”.

Jacobs approaches the ramen bar but swings his head in a constant motion making sure no one is following him. Before he is able to turn his attention to the front again, his neck can feel a quick arm around his throat. The force jerks Jacobs into the alley and before he can pull out his hidden projectile based weapon in his jacket, it was disarmed by another pair of hands. Jacob’s life was about to be over.

“Jacobs, right?”

“What’s it to you losers. I ain’t tellin yah crap.” responded Jacob as he barely managed words in between gasps for air.

“Let him go, Drem. It’s him.” Drem releases the young man as he falls to his knees.

“Were you compromised?” ask Sota.

Post-AP Stress

It’s amazing yet hard to comprehend that my junior year in high school is nearly over. At too many points it felt too drawn out, too stressful, too unbearable. Yet, all I have is regret for it now, as the final three weeks approach quicker and quicker. I could’ve done more, I could’ve used my time more wisely. Personally, it isn’t until a school year is near-over when I realize how fast life moves, and that’s an unfortunate fact. On the flip side, this post-AP testing stress is comforting, ironically. It’s a different type of stress, not one of tests and homework but rather creating.


Photo ©2014 by Edward Fahman [CC BY 2.0]

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